Anthropy Awareness Philosophy

The philosophy behind Anthropy Awareness is simple: Only you have the power to choose what you do and who you want to be: your choice is your journey. Your Journey is your story. I want to help you live your story.


Anthropy Awareness is a practical, scientific approach, based on the understandings of "Law of Attraction" and the Sciences of the Mind, that utilizes the mind's ability to powerfully magnetize and actualize. Often times in life the biggest struggle we have are addressing the blocks that hinder us from taking inspired action, or worse, force us into taking wrong action. 


·         Use your Emotional GPS to make every situation work out for you.

·         Use your negative emotions to help you clarify what you want- then go for it.

·         Consciously create your future so you can achieve the things you thought impossible.

·         Listen for and witness the signs around you that will help point you on your individual path to your defined idea of success. Not someone else's.

The Anthropy Awareness process will help you to unfold the personal obstacles that are holding you back from being who you really are: the you, you know yourself to be. It will help to develop your inner strength and to listen to your true calling. It will give you the skills that will allow you to transmute the false perceptions that are creating havoc in your life and stopping you from courageously achieving your goals. Simply, you will clarify who you are, what you want, and get there - period.

What Anthropy Awareness is NOT

It's important to know that what I coach and teach is NOT psychotherapy or psychiatric therapy. Though, we may look at past or present issues for clarity, you will not focus on the past or search to blame others for the circumstances in your life. Anthropy Awareness' skills and the techniques support self responsibility- period.  If you feel there is still a need to blame someone else for your circumstances, this program is not for you.

Instead, together, we will look at where you are, focus on what you want and discover who it is, you see yourself to be, then utilize tools and processes to make it happen! I will help you get from "why them and not me" to "why not me." 

There is never any prescribed medicine, though, suggestions in diet, supplements and exercise may be discussed.

If your ready to take the chance on yourself and truly go for it- press the button.