I am going through a tough phase ...

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First know that you are not alone. There has been a large rise in people around the world suffering from anxiety. It is a quite epidemic that is not being addressed often enough. Low self esteem is connected to the anxiety due to the way in which you are "thinking" about yourself. Our thoughts, be they conscious or unconscious, dictate everything in our reality as we see it. It is our thoughts that over time become real and feel like a vital threat to our existence. The anxiety or panic attacks become the symptom.
When we keep having thoughts that do not serve who we truly are, what we are truly capable of, - our bodies feel a discomfort - when this discomfort is ignored long enough it leads to anxiety and depression. Depression is just our beautiful emotion - Anger -turned in on ourselves. Why is Anger a beautiful emotion? Because it is the emotion of power and energy. When honored for what it is meant to do - fuel action- we find our courage. When held in it becomes rage, - explosive energy that can only cause us harm.
Our emotions are here to guide us, to keep us on our purpose, we just need know what is being said to us and listen - then trust and allow. It is less about control and more about understanding, this is some of the work I do as a coach, I teach you how to listen, I support you in trusting yourself and we work together to stop the thoughts and perceptions you have created that are not serving you. When you get a handle on these things - I promise you...the anxiety will begin to go away.
It's all about the slow and steady change...not the quick fix...you can choose to become that which you see yourself to be.
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I got a question sent into me yesterday about the issue of blaming others for our failures or position in life. So I thought I would share my answer to you all.

Each of us has life circumstances that can seem unfair- parents who may have been unkind, financial difficulties that seem out of our control, unexpected loss of loved ones - the list can be great and diverse. However, our life is not built on those misfortunes. Our life is built on how we choose to perceive them. Our life is built upon our choice.

If we choose to see them as things done "to us" instead of things done, we hold on to our own victimization. We tell ourselves we have no choice in the matter, or worse in our lives. This leaves no hope - no imagination for our future - and no where to go.

The power of your life, the creation of your dreams, and the path to who it is you want to be is in your CHOICE. So often we are focused on material choices because we think in the having of it that our lives will be better, because we will FEEL better. But the truth is how those material things make you feel - happier, more secure, more loved - you can have right now! How? By choosing today to be appreciative of the small things - the items, places and people in your life now that create those feelings within you.

The magic in life is in your perception of your life. This is were I come in for many of my clients, because the mind, like a muscle needs training. It takes awareness, will and practice to change what your mind is use to thinking - 

For today...I invite you to declare that you are no longer a victim to your past or to others. After all - you took inspired action and reached out to me! Stay with your inspirations, find ways to feel good, regardless of material needs or outcomes, and listen to your small voice of joy that is telling you _ "there is something better out there".

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me: info@anthropycoaching.com

Embrace Your Magic



How do we real-ize the desires we want in life into our present day real-ality? How do we really create what we want into real aspects that tangibly show up? How do we create what others perceive as miracles?  How do we create the magic in our lives?

If you’re having difficulty creating what  you desire most- here are a few tips that you may want to look at to become the real-izer you were born to be.


Are you a little scattered and unsure of what it is you truly want? Then it may be time to clean up your desires. It’s important to remember that you must resonate with your intended desire in order to receive the situations, inspirations and people who can allow you to get what it is you want. Have more than one? Then go with the one that is most fun right now. To gain strength in your desire think about the feeling it would create in you if you received it. Would it make you feel safe, at ease, joyful, passionate, alive, or confident?  Whatever the feeling it may be for you, that is the feeling you must tap into. This is what is meant by “Be the change you wish to see.”

2.       SIFT & SORT

Work daily on your conscious awareness, your “NOW” reality, by making the choice to look for the things in life that make you feel good.  It’s important that you hold your focus and point of attraction at the best frequency you can each day. This is not something that just happens over night. It’s a daily workout that takes commitment to train your mind to see and appreciate the positive aspects that life is showing you. Tune out the negative band waves like the nightly news, online headlines, gossip, and reality TV. We are a society accustom to negativity. It’s so familiar it actually makes us feel connected; when in actuality it does just the opposite.


This goes with what I have just written but has to do more with how you feel your way through your day. Looking at the present life you have created, even if it’s not what you want (yet), learn to navigate your day by asking yourself what feels best. Getting in a habit of going with your gut instead of your head will allow you to trust your own personal path. Again, it takes practice, it takes time, but soon you will begin to see that you are spending whole days feeling aligned with yourself and feeling good about all that life has to offer. When feeling good becomes more important than being right-you will no longer be a victim living in others people’s perspective.


Many of us take the first few waking moments for granted. Upset or worried from the night before we wake up ready to jump into the same old nagging conversation with ourselves. DON’T! Whether you wake up in the middle of the morning at some un-godly hour, or sleep like a rock the whole night through, take the time to set your emotional body for a good start in the new day upon waking.  If you’re an early riser then take the opportunity to meditate if you feel inclined. If not, set your alarm a few minutes early so you can spend a moment in bed visualizing the positive aspects of your day ahead. When you get up spend another few moments finding things you can appreciate in your immediate reality. It may be a challenge at first so start with the small things in life.


Don’t be afraid or give up if someone (including yourself) or something throws you off your game and causes you to feel discomfort. Discomfort is a fabulous thing! It’s a moment of discovery! It’s showing you a false belief you may hold that is not in alignment with what you desire for yourself. Or it may be a situation you have created from old thought patterns that have yet to play themselves out.  Whatever the case- don’t dwell on it! Recognize the discomfort, appreciate its discovery then refocus your thoughts and intentions towards your “want” and tap into that feeling. When we fester and dwell in discomfort we fall from alignment, so allow discomfort to come in, acknowledge what’s going on for you, and then kindly ask it to leave. Again, this takes practice, so don’t give up if you feel at times discomfort has the upper hand.