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What does it really mean to live in the NOW? Aren’t we all really living in the now?

 Well actually, no.

Most of us spend our life living in the past or worrying about the future. Whether it’s trauma we carry around with us from our childhood, an argument we had with our partner yesterday, a grievance we have at work or the worry of money and all the worries that come with the worry of money. Most of us are living in endless loops of conversations and thoughts of the things we feel need to be solved.

Why do we do this? Because our minds are these great big beautiful machines that are set on course for problem solving. This is our gift and a great thing, if utilized correctly.

However most of us keep harboring on the same problems never allowing the issue to come to resolution. By doing this we do two things:  1) We take away the incredible resources used to problem solve our dreams and goals. 2) We constantly take ourselves out of the present moment, the now, and miss the subtle opportunities that present themselves that lead us to our dreams and goals.

So how do you stop the horrible habit of chewing on the fat of life so you can get to the good part? Starting today, allow yourself to become aware of the ongoing conversations in your mind. If they are past problems, or worse, worry about possibilities that have yet to present themselves, tell yourself: “I am letting go and living in the present moment.”

Then make a conscious effort to look around your immediate environment, really take it in as it is, not what you think about it, just what it is, and be a witness to the NOW. Then if you really feel like a good challenge, ask yourself, “What in this present moment makes me feel good or what do I like?” Perhaps it’s a flower, or a car that just passed by, a saying, or a picture of a loved one at your desk. It can be anything as long as you like it.

By doing this you begin to start finding the pieces of you that make you- you. By focusing on what it is that you like, you begin to acknowledge yourself, you begin to love yourself.

So go ahead, take a look around and breathe in the NOW. Find out who you are and remember you are capable of anything, because you are. Live Free.

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