As a Man Thinks, So He Is: Mastering Illusion

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Everything we experience, our thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions and dreams are mere forms appearing to us through our consciousness. Even though things seem to be present and real in our reality, like the desk that I am at and the chair that I sit in to write to you, right now, feels real and it seems certain that I am seeing these objects of matter in a direct way.

However science has begun to search deeper into understandings that have been presented in the ages by scholars such as Kant and Einstein. Kant argued that our experiences are structured by necessary features of our minds. Einstein said that “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” 

Science is finally catching up to philosophy by proving a very important component to the theories presented. That we live in a vibrational universe and that all the matter that we see before us, our bodies, the trees, seas, the houses we live in, etc. Is actually, just empty space and not as solid as it seems to be.

As Peter Russell , author of The Global Brain, explains “Light entering the eye triggers chemical reactions in the retina, these produce electro-chemical impulses which travel along nerve fibers to the brain. The brain analyses the data it receives, and then creates its own picture of what is out there.” Science is moving closer to the understanding in fact there is 99.99 percent of research pointing towards this direction. Science is catching up to what the Vedantic philosophers have spoken of for some time: that life is an illusion, a false perception of the world.

However this is only partially true. Because even though science is getting closer to this truth, the fact still remains that it is the only reality that we know. So to us in our day to day our life and the world around us is real, or at least a reality that we relate to. So where does this leave us? What can or do we do with this new scientific information and how does it apply to our mind and our lives? Does it just mean that there is no meaning of truth to our lives?

NO! it is actually just the opposite. It means that all that you are IS! That our gift as human be-ings is that we live through a conscious state that allows us to co-create as part of a greater force. That this consciousness that resides in us is singular in nature, which is why we can all agree on certain aspects, however, our individual perception of what is , is what makes us all unique.

It is our perception that creates our stories. It is the reason how two people can come from the same household of abuse, and one can go on to have a fulfilling life while the other becomes an addict- it is the internal perception and how the events in their life where filtered and what stories they choose to form for themselves that create their reality.  

This understanding is what It brings us closer to an Awakening that all the religious Masters have been teaching us all along the way; Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinks, so he is.” or “the mind is everything, what you think is what you become.” – Buddha, are just some of these teachings.

The Awakening is enlightenment and holds the understanding that, if all that we see is an illusion created by our singular perception, it must stand that we are the creators of that illusion.