Creative Blindness

To Cre·ate

1. Bring (Something) Into Existence:

2. Cause (Something) To Happen As A Result Of One's Actions.  

The beauty is, as human beings, we are all here to Create. The word "Human", in and of itself, means God’s Mind; Hu meaning God and Man coming from Mana meaning mind.

I believe the power of our mind and its ability to create is a gift and a birthright. However, many of us don't allow ourselves to utilize our full capacity.

We deny ourselves our full human creative experience by falling victim to the illusory reality that we witness in our daily lives. What we don’t realize is, once an experience is being witnessed, it is already a past event.

When we worry or negatively focus on our present reality, we perpetuate that experience; bringing our past, continually, into our future, to hold us hostage from our future.

Our thoughts make us self imposed prisoners living in a loop of past / present experiences; feeling worried, fearful and confused.  We feel hopeless that life will never change and wonder why our lives are not what we dreamed them to be. We feel stuck.

The idea that "life is what it is and we do the best we can," I call the "trying" mentality. The idea of "at least I tried." is better than not trying, for sure, but it lends to the acceptance that we are at the mercy of circumstances beyond our control.  

In other words we accept ourselves as victims in the story of our lives, rather than, active creators.

Victims often relinquish to, "Well, I tried, but it just didn't work out." While, creators use learned skills that allow them to harness their creative powers and by choice create their outcomes.

Wouldn’t you like to know who you really are and what you’re truly capable of?

Action is our character. What we do, and how we do it, defines who we are.  Why some people seem to have success more easily than others is because they utilize certain skills more acutely then others. They know failure is not a destination, but an opportunity for future growth.

The good news is that these skills are quantifiable and everyone can learn them to achieve their potential outcome in life.

Our gift as, humans being, is our conscious imagination When we use our imagination, we set a course of action for our mind, and our mind wants to “solve the problem”.

This automatic action and reaction is one of the fundamental reasons that we are able to bring forth that which is “unseen”, imagined, into the “seen”, reality. In other words, anything we can imagine, we can create!

The creative force that flows through Art, Science, Music, Food, Technology, and more - is in you-it is you!  

Often times in life our biggest struggle is the "not knowing, of the things, we innately know." In other words we can't see our blind spots. These emotional blind spots cause havoc in our lives and impede creative flow.

All who wander are not lost.

I love that saying, because it is so, true for me. My own interests in all things pertaining to, Mind over Matter, began in my late twenties when I found myself at a crossroads in my life. It was then that I felt, for the first time, life had let me down. I was not who I dreamed myself to be and I felt I was supposed to be somewhere more than where I was.

Feeling stuck, depressed and unworthy of the things I saw others achieve so easily, I began to look for solutions.

Rather than choose to go on medication, which at the time of “Prozac Nation” seemed to be the answer to everything, I listened to a small inner voice that told me there had to be a better way.

When We Shift From Negatively Complaining, To Positively Affirming, Conditions Change. Then Complaining Is No Longer The Operative Law In Our Life. Freedom Is.

What I didn't realize at the time was the "better way" I was looking for was all around me, all the time, just waiting for me to notice.

Even though I felt lost, I now know that, I was being guided all along. Because, no matter how lost we think we are, our inner truth and how we really imagine ourselves to be, is always in the process of setting us on course. 

When we step into the awareness of our lives, shining a light on the "good" and "not so good", we awaken to the truths of ourselves, which become our possibilities.

Our higher self, is always there waiting to acknowledge what already exists.

Once I was able to learn the skills that govern the create forces of the universe, everything in my life began to move and shift.

Once I stepped into my personal power and began to consciously utilize my gift, I began to create my life by design, not by default. 

Now every day I wake up knowing that I am the creator of my life, and I savor, every day, the limitlessness of my imagination. 

Anything and Everything is possible, But first We must believe in our dreams, and then with blinders on, we must step out of our own way.

It's important to realize, that at life impasses, we are not lost, we are not broken. If you are feeling that way, I am here to tell you, you do not need to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with you.

You just "don't know yet, what you innately know". It’s important to learn the necessary skills to become the “Master Creator” of your life. It’s important that you Create your Story, and not spend your life living by someone else design.

It doesn't matter where you come from or where you have been. The ability to succeed in your life begins with you.

If you feel stuck and/or are ready for change, I am here for you. If you need insight and or encouragement to reach a goal or to help manifests your desired achievements, I am here for you. If you are dealing with Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Frustration, Anger, or Sadness, I am here for you. If you would like to free yourself from the cycle of personal failure, I am here for you. 

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Susan Matus is an, Actor, Producer, Filmmaker and Coach, who finds complete joy and fulfillment helping other creative’s achieve their full potential, move out of personal and professional ruts, and attain their goals. She founded Anthropy Awareness to help you, Create Your Story.