Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart

Don’t Focus On Thoughts, Focus On Emotions

Thoughts will look for similar thoughts, so if you are thinking thoughts that go against who you truly are, you will end up falling down the rabbit hole of doubt and uncertainty that can lead to depression. When this happens focus on how you want to feel instead. Ask yourself what will make me feel better than where I am right now? Go listen to a song that makes you feel better. Watch “I love Lucy” reruns! Get out your journal and write a make believe story that makes you feel good. Or write a list of things that you love, for at least ten minutes. Already doing some of these things? Feel they aren’t enough? Then do them more! Do them longer! You will get stronger by the repetition. None of us change who we are over night. And none of us are happy all the time. But you do have the power to choose who you want to be, and how you want to feel.