Help! I Don't Know What I Want!

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Do you feel if you only knew what it is that you wanted you could truly go out and get it?

That the biggest problem you’re facing right now in life is that you feel like you just don’t know clearly enough what it is you want? It’s like an evasive feeling that at times feels hopeful, feels successful, feels joyous, feels fun, but what is it?

Well, the truth is, you do know what you want. Deep inside, we all do.

As humans we are not much different in our desires.  We all want to feel like we matter, that our lives have a purpose. We all want a sense of security, both emotional and financial. We all want to feel a sense of personal freedom, where we decide who we are and live by our own set of values and not the values of others. We all want to share and feel a sense of connectivity, either in the world or with one special person: some of us with both. And we want to have a sense of adventure, to have fun, to live in the moment, to live en-joy.

What makes us all unique and what makes each and everyone one of you special is not that you have different desires, but how you create the answers to those desires. What your solutions are to getting your needs met.

In the day and age of technology this is an important thing to remember, because it is hard to keep focus. As we all share on a greater platform it can begin to feel like everything has been done, that originality can no longer exist. All that we “need to know” is at the button of a google search, so what is there left?

What is left is your way of doing what it is you want to do to fulfill the need that is most important to you.  Make sense?

So if you think you don’t know what you want, think about what is that you find yourself attracted to most of the time. Then ask yourself what about that thing makes you feel good.

 I have always had a fascination with the mind, how it works, how people use it and why we do what we do.  When my life was hard I was never jealous of the happy people – I just wanted to know how to get there.  How did they see the world differently than me? How could I be like them in the face of all my adversity?  That led me on a great passion 30 years in the making, and has led me to create THink Magazine as a way to reach others on the same journey and to share what I know. Am I the only one? No. Do I care? No. I love my followers and you follow hopefully because you connect to how I’m sharing.

Don’t feel you have to reinvent being human, the uniqueness that is you comes from fulfilling your own need, then sharing your solution with others.

If you have any thoughts on this or your own experience on figuring it out, go ahead and share in the comments below. We are all in this together. Your voice counts. You count. Live Free.


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