I Don't Need Sleep. I Got This.

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How important is sleep anyway?

Studies have shown that chronic loss of sleep can cause emotional distress as well as lasting damage to the brain. In one Italian study, scientist confirmed that the lack of sleep affects our Amygdala; the two small almond sized portions in the center of our brain that controls our emotional response. People that lacked sleep became more angry and stressed when faced with simple cognitive tasks.

I know for a fact, if my fifteen year old son, who thinks he should be able to stay up until 10 or 11 doesn’t go to bed by 9:30, the next day I’m dealing with your typical attitudinal teenager. The smallest thing can set him off to the start of a bad day. He can’t handle anything, especially in the morning. Too young to recognize his own demise he still thinks he should be able go to bed late, (a never ending debate).

However, even as adults we are guilty of this. How many times have you gone to bed tired, but thought you would just check your Facebook page or watch a few YouTube videos, only to find two more hours have gone by, it’s now 12:30AM and you have to be up at 5AM.

This continual behavior not only leads to car accidents, poor work performance, bad relationships, weight gain, depression, worry and anxiety. It robs you of the positive energy needed to keep your mind sharp, away from thoughts of doubt and focused on inspired action to attain your goals.

“A 2001 study at the Chicago Medical Institute suggested that sleep deprivation may be linked to serious diseases, such as heart disease and mental illness including psychosis and bipolar disorder. The link between sleep deprivation and psychosis was further documented in 2007 through a study at Harvard Medical School and the University of California at Berkeley. The study revealed, using MRI scans, that sleep deprivation causes the brain to become incapable of putting an emotional event into the proper perspective and incapable of making a controlled, suitable response to the event.” - easynight.org

Sleep deprivation silently sabotages you out of who you truly are and how capable you can truly be. It sneaks up on your goals like a passive aggressive ninja that controls your mind by creating thoughts that can lead you into the darkness of doubt, unworthiness and fear.

So again, how important is sleep? Very!

You must give your mind enough time to successfully recharge. Your mind is the tool for your soul’s expression. And like any machine, if not taken care of, it will not run properly and it will die out early. Honor your bedtime, appreciate it, and allow it to heal you.

By the way- if your reading this late at night-go to sleep. No, seriously-GO TO SLEEP!

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