Put The F-ing Phone Down!

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Are you feeling anxious? Try putting your phone down. Anxiety and panic attacks are symptoms of the feeling of fear - of not feeling safe. But the symptom can also show up if you are afraid to share your truth: the messy, imperfect, and sometimes screwed up of a beautiful human be-ing that you are.  

Anxiety can also show up when we are not allowing ourselves to connect to the life, people, and situations that are around us. Your phone keeps your conscious awareness stuck in a falsified void of cyber reality and all the false perceptions that it offers. It's time to GET OUT! and STOP! At least for a while.

It's more than important to remember that your life is not inside your phone, Facebook page, Instagram post , or YouTube channel! Your life is inside you. even though these can be great platforms of expression it's good for the soul, as well as the body, to disconnect at least a full day once a week.

Your  life essences is a vibrating, pulsating energy, that in order to survive, needs to be shared, intermingled, and bounced off other living vibrating organisms, like people, nature, and the adventures of new tangible sensations, that only living in the moment can give you.  Without worrying about that selfie or caring if anyone sees you having the experience. Allow yourself to have an experience just for the pleasure of experiencing yourself having the experience. Connect.

Some of us may remember when you had to wait in line, on a subway or train, at a doctor’s office,  or in an elevator without the escape of distraction. When you HAD to CONNECT, be it for a moment, with another living, breathing, human be-ing.  

Without distraction you actually lay witness to your own humanity in the humanity of others. That is life! And you can’t do that while taking a selfie, reading post or watching a video.

One is called reality -  the other is a holo-graphic reality. Where untruth and loneliness seep in like a viral contamination covering yourself awareness, your essence, and robbing you of the truth of who you are.

Life in it’s true moment is changing, expanding, growing, learning and most importantly awakening into AWARENESS!

Have the courage to connect, to share, to lend a helping hand, a dollar or a smile to the person next to you. Remember to embrace yours and others imperfections until they are seen as “I’m perfection”. But first, you have to put the F-ing phone down!

Live free

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