Reach For Feeling Good Regardless Of You Present Outcome


This can be a hard thing to achieve, especially if you believe that your hard work, effort and time spent is the full source of things happening to you. Much of our world is based on this belief. The “harder I try the more will happen.” Survival of the fittest. The belief in lack and scarcity. It’s what helps promote the rat race and feed commerce. But it’s not really how it all works. The truth is you are a part of an energy that creates universes and you are a creator. You want are your desire to create, to fulfill you purpose – to be a creator. So own you Power! Accept who and what you truly are. FEEL the presence of your power and ask your Source, God, Universe, to BRING IT ON! ALL OF IT! Not some of it. Then get out of your own way. Get out of your head. Allow, believe and let it be.