Set Your Mind For Inspired Action

photo by Steven Stark

photo by Steven Stark

It's near impossible to feel inspired without the right type of mindset and tools. It doesn't matter what you’re trying to accomplish. There's a certain way of thinking that you must have, and this type of thinking is what will give you the inspiration to take action. Taking action is a crucial part of being successful, but not just any action. In order to truly be successful it is important to take inspired action. So how do you recognize the difference between inspired action and action that seems to get you no where? It about your mindset and the way you feel. When you’re looking to create momentum with your goals it is your positive thoughts that are going to help you to take major action.

How Can You Create Inspiration In Your Life?

One of the best ways to set your mindset in a space of inspiration is the use of affirmations. Affirmations are self-talk statements that deliver a state of confidence and hopeful possibility to the subconscious. When repeated on a daily basis these statements become "credible" by the subconscious and are placed in the area of subconscious creating the ability to pull up particular powerful memories  and experiences that then help to support these thoughts as truths. Through affirmations a person can direct his/her mindset for tapping in to ideas and solutions that seem to come out of know where. These moments of inspiration come from releasing resistance through affirmations.

Why Do We Need Affirmations For Inspiration?

 Often times individuals believe that affirmations are a false beliefs and don't exist, and at first that may feel true, especially if you have been spent much of your life supporting negative beliefs that have held you back.  Even though it helps to feel connected to the affirmations, it is not necessary for your subconscious to recognize them. Affirmations, when repeated, make fresh neural tracts in the mind, enhancing the ability to bring these fresh ideas to fruition. Stale thoughts related to negativity, self doubt, lack, and overwhelm are decreased and eventually rewired.

When the mind feeds itself with new affirmations the subconscious recognizes them as "tangible" and sets out to affirm their truth. You've likely noticed a common element in those who are successful in business and in life. These successful individuals tend to be enthusiastic and zealous, in all aspects of their lives and they live their life from a basis of inspiration. Their exuberance is infectious, and you see it inspire everyone one around them.

A positive mindset and the ability to turn actions into results are crucial to success, both in business and life. A positive outlook is a valuable asset, no matter what you’re are trying to do. It is the fuel for inspiration. Creating a habit of doing daily affirmations, will increase your productivity and create greater momentum in your life. Make positive affirmations a part of your daily function and live with inspiration and success.

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