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I got a question sent into me yesterday about the issue of blaming others for our failures or position in life. So I thought I would share my answer to you all.

Each of us has life circumstances that can seem unfair- parents who may have been unkind, financial difficulties that seem out of our control, unexpected loss of loved ones - the list can be great and diverse. However, our life is not built on those misfortunes. Our life is built on how we choose to perceive them. Our life is built upon our choice.

If we choose to see them as things done "to us" instead of things done, we hold on to our own victimization. We tell ourselves we have no choice in the matter, or worse in our lives. This leaves no hope - no imagination for our future - and no where to go.

The power of your life, the creation of your dreams, and the path to who it is you want to be is in your CHOICE. So often we are focused on material choices because we think in the having of it that our lives will be better, because we will FEEL better. But the truth is how those material things make you feel - happier, more secure, more loved - you can have right now! How? By choosing today to be appreciative of the small things - the items, places and people in your life now that create those feelings within you.

The magic in life is in your perception of your life. This is were I come in for many of my clients, because the mind, like a muscle needs training. It takes awareness, will and practice to change what your mind is use to thinking - 

For today...I invite you to declare that you are no longer a victim to your past or to others. After all - you took inspired action and reached out to me! Stay with your inspirations, find ways to feel good, regardless of material needs or outcomes, and listen to your small voice of joy that is telling you _ "there is something better out there".

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