Look, we would all like to wave our magic wand and have things happen overnight. To believe in fairy godmother (or fathers) and feel like “God” loves us by performing “unrealized” miracles in our life.

But here’s the thing.

The miracle has already been performed and that miracle is YOU. You, the Hu- Man = god mind, have all the ability you need for your own personal success. And the definition of that success is different for each and everyone one of us.

You are capable of anything you see yourself achieving. I can promise you that.

But in order to achieve…I mean really make the BIG things happen in your life you need…consistency and commitment! You need to stop looking for the outcome. Every time you focus on the outcome you will also see the lack of that outcome existing in your life.

Now, that doesn’t mean to not have a vision on where you want to go. What it means is, know it, accept it is going to happen, and then let it be.

Consistency and commitment are your helping hands to success and the time it takes you to achieve that success is up to you and your level of…..yes, you guessed it….consistency and commitment.

So, put your doubt away, unless you want a bit of challenge or a splash of humility, doubt is a great source for that – for now consistency and commitment is the key to unlocking your success.  Live Free.

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