There Is No Escape From Your Predicament.....

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There Is No Escape From Your Predicament Except By A Radical Transformation On Your Attitude Towards Yourself

When you have overwhelm, or feel stuck, or feel like things aren't going to work out for you, what you are presenting to yourself is doubt. Your focus is placed on your thoughts of inability rather than thoughts that support how capable you really are. If you want relief from these feelings you need to change your attitude about yourself. Take a moment to look for examples that support who you are. Acknowledge the successes you have or have had in your life. Find the smallest of things to be grateful for. Gratitude melts anger, hate and resentment that can sometimes blind us from the good that is around us, and ours for the taking if we choose to see it. Allow yourself to be in the Now,  the present, without worry, without resentment, without judgement and move through your day with thoughts that support who you are. Remember if one thing is true, then so is the other side of that thing; good or bad, only you choose to see it so.