Turn Your Fear Into Anticipation


Sometime when you are on the brink of where you want to be, you can feel what you perceive as Fear, because you sense that things are about to move into uncharted territory and as human the uncertainty of change or the unknown can be perceived as life threatening, causing our mind and body connection to react as we would when our life is actually threatened.

What we focus upon creates energy that is always in motion and as humans be-ing we are always in a forward moving motion. We are always moving from where we have been to where we are going, even when we feel stuck. They way you FEEL is about the relationship between where you are moving FROM and where you are going TO, and which way you are focused within the two directions.  

If you are focusing forward toward what you want with certainty and confidence, you will feel the energy of excitement, passion, enthusiasm and anticipation. But if your focus is on moving forward in relation to the thing you are moving away from and your dominate focus is on the thing you are not wanting then you will find yourself in a tug of war and that energy creates disease, discomfort, anxiety, nervousness and fear. 

Take a situation that many of us face with fear, Public Performance, whether is actually performing like Acting, Singing, Dancing or Public Speaking. Many of us feel fear when we have to show up to do some type of  Public Performance and our fear brings about certain reactions in our mind that send signal to our body that cause us to feel as though our life is being threaten. Our mouths get dry, we start to sweat, our heart begins to race, we can’t sleep and sometimes we find ourselves in full blown anxiety attacks.

This is because prior to speaking we spend most of our time focusing on all the things that could go wrong: we could pass out, we could forget our speech, we could be embarrassed, or we could have people bored or booing us off the stage causing us unbearable humiliation.  The positive opportunity that this Public Performance could bring is weighed down by past experiences of rejection.

The solution? Take your focus off where it is you don’t want to be. Acknowledge your DON’T WANT (rejection) as a starting point for gaining clarity for what it is you DO WANT (acceptance). Then find ways to create more clarity and certainty in your focus. I have my clients go through certain exercises and visualizations that help keep their focus moving in a forward direction.

It’s important that you spend time using your mind to attain what you want and to strengthen your ability to keep your focus forward. When you focus forward your fear will have no choice but to turn into anticipation! You cannot be excited about a thing and fearful of it at the same time, it's just not possible. The mind can only focus on one thing at a time. So choose your direction and stay the course and your fear will turn into anticipation.