You are a Super Hero! It time to use your secret power!


I bet you didn’t realize that you were born a superhero! With a genuine super power.  

A power that has the ability to change worlds in an instant.  A power that can change dark energies into light.  A power that can choose different courses between parallel realities. A power that can exist beyond the constraints of time.

What is this amazing superhero power you possess? Consciousness.

There is no reality outside of consciousness. Consciousness is the infinite possible configuration of energy and all possible configurations already exist. Where you shift your consciousness is where your reality exists. Because of this – the “idea of time” has the ability to be influenced. Every potential moment in time exists eternally. Therefore time is only an experience - not a fact. There is no real past and no real future and our connection to the two is what creates our limitation as hu-mans be-ing. It is this illusive state that sets up fear and doubt in the infinite possibilities.

The present moment is the key to experiencing your creative reality. You are not really creating anything new because all has existed before and will continue to exist. What you are creating is a new relationship to the thing that already exists. You cannot take away from existence and you cannot put anything into existence. Where would it come from? Existence is consciousness.

Since everything can and does exist, time becomes irrelevant. It is a man-made limitation. When we can let go of time and see life as an experience we can consciously shift into a parallel realities. We are alwaysunconsciously shifting reality because each nano-second is its own independent reality.

The same way a photo is a captured moment of reality but if you take consecutive photos and then put them together you have movement and each of those nano-seconds  of reality create that which we perceive as a story unfolding. We put each second together unconsciously to create what we call our experience.

It is these same series of realities that create our memories and shift our memories. Ever notice when you bring up a shared experience that the other people involved don’t remember it the way you do? That’s because there are infinite possibilities based on the perception of the individual having the experiencing.

Your past has no relationship to your present other than the emotional/vibrational connection you give to it through thoughts that replay the emotional response to that past experience.  You are not that which has happened or is happening in your life. You are the “I AM” frequency you chose through your thoughts and perception that create a vibrational frequency of attraction.

When you become present, truly living in the moment without thought of the past or future, you can insert whatever experience you want by the choice of your vibration. Your vibration is you experiencing yourself at the level of consciousness you believe yourself to be at.

This choice creates the people, places and things that you will then be attracted to and are likewise attracted to you. This vibration can keep you in limitation or set you free. Where you place yourself is up to you. As you choose to experience yourself as a victim you will only give victim power; attracting only situations to support your victim energy.

But if you reach to increase your frequency, to your God life creative self, your reality begins to expand. You create more love, more abundance, more health, more freedom, more, more, more,…..expansion. You start to learn from the greater perspective. You start to know in an instant what your truth is without thought. You begin to make decisions without thought and time becomes irrelevant.  You begin to tap into a higher consciousness, a higher intelligence. You become a superhero – a true expression of source energy.