In our so called "reality" many people believe because they experience something that feels true to them, it must be so-it must be real, and it is - to a point.

What must also be understood is that your perception of the experience colors your relationship to it. And by the time you have the experience, it is actually a part of your past not your present. When you worry, hold on to, or negatively focus on the experience, you continue to perpetuate it, thus bringing your past constantly into your future. The result - you end up feeling stuck.

This stuck feeling leads us to believe that "life is what it is and we must live doing the best we can." In other words, you become the Victim in your story, rather than the  Creator.

Creators Are people who harness their potential and use their gift to exceed their expectations!

What is this gift? YOUR MIND!

Often times in life the biggest struggle we face is the "not knowing of the things we innately know." In other words we can't see our blind spots, the things we do, the habits we enforce, and the thoughts we perpetuate, that stop us from have the career, relationships, health and financial success we want.

We need someone to help us recognize and transform these ingrained perceptions that are causing havoc in our lives and impeding our success. 

Your life is truly waiting for you to acknowledge what already exist for you.

Many people come to me because they feel stuck and they want to breakthrough and transform their lives. Or they feel they are on verge of a major transformation, in their life or career but it keeps feeling just out of reach. And sometimes people come to me when a circumstance in life is creates a major wake up call and forces them into change.

No matter the case, the feeling is often the same - scary and unpleasant. But this scary and unpleasant feeling needs your attention because it's your spirit, the true you, calling you to live up to your true self.

Anxiety, depression, fear, frustration, sadness, uncertainty, worry: these are not life sentences, these are symptoms and symptoms can be changed if the internal environment is changed.

It's time to be courageous, to trust, and to take action. Know that you don't have to journey alone. You owe to yourself to be your best self and to have the life YOU want.

It's important that you know as a coach I am not here to fix you. There is nothing wrong with you, no matter how bad you think it is, or lost cause you feel your facing.  What I am here to do, is teach you and train you, in the necessary mental skills that will elevate your symptoms and create the outcome of success your life is calling for you to achieve.

If you would like to know more about my process and how I can help you, click the button, and lets talk.

                                                      Live free,

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Drawing on her training and experience in the entertainment industry, her entrepreneurial experience, and career coaching , Susan offers a unique blend of creative training suited for all individuals looking to create significant change and achievement in their lives. 

She understands the intricate mind of creativity and the unique struggles and needs creative professionals face when having to forge their way in an unpredictable environment. She understands what it takes to gain strength and courage to live your truth in the face of emotional and professional adversity.

She has helped many writers, actors, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs and curiously creative individuals clarify their dreams, define their truth and achieve their goals.

She received her certification in personal development coaching from the QSCA.