45 min. Free Consultation

Not sure yet? No problem. I understand. Hiring a Coach can seem a bit intimidating. If there is an area of your life- family, health, financial, career or perhaps your life in general- that is just not going as you hoped for and you can't seem to figure out why, I will help you clarify what is going on, teach you proven success skills to your approach, and help you to define clear achievable goals to gain momentum, so you can get the results you want. Still uncertain if its right for you? Then lets chat and figure it out together. Don't let fear, or worse, negative judgement stand in your way. Contact me, lets talk, and we can go from there.


Single Sessions

Together we address your concerns as I teach you specific tools to define your goals and assist you in actively reaching them. Together we work on specific goals that you may feel need minimal time to resolve. Single sessions are also a good way for you to get to know the process before making a larger commitment. I have worked extensively with individuals dealing with Relationship, Family, Weight, Financial, Career, Addiction, Self-Esteem and general Personal Development issues. If you are looking for real results from a direct action oriented approach that will help you release, redefine, and accomplish areas of your life, It is my passion to help you do just that. 

Rate 150.00 hr.


Package Sessions

I offer Package Sessions to encourage and inspire your true commitment to yourself. Anthropy Awareness Coaching can be used for a specific issues, as mentioned above, or for an over all life transformation. If you've really had enough with the direction of your situation and are looking to really address your concerns and truly eliminate the disruptive patterns in your life, the session packages are for you. Each package offers deeper discounted rates with each level of commitment. If you are ready to awaken to your truth and master your mind with powerful processes that will ignite your intuition, and invite you to follow who you are, and not someone else's idea of who you need to be; then lets get started.

3 months Weekly Sessions 1,620.00  (135.00 a session)

6 months Weekly Sessions 2,880.00  (120.00 a session)

Yearly Sessions once a week 4,800.00  (100.00 a session)



I will be offering special workshops periodically as a way to introduce the skills and processes I use in my coaching sessions so I can help to equip you with better tools that will allow for more success to show up in your life. These workshops will allow you to get the tips and resources that I give my individual clients at a more affordable rate.

If  you would like to be notified about the next workshop just include your name and email address below. I promise not to share your information with any third party or bombard your email box.

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