"I cannot count the ways in which you have supported me. You coach as a friend, mentor, and equal. What I’ve often felt I lacked in therapy, I have achieved with you. I now trust that I am capable and that I can live my life to it’s fullest. You have helped me to see beyond my self-imposed limitations. I feel very grateful to know you." 

SK, Huntington Beach, CA

"Working with you gave me so much clarity. I've begun using the techniques and exercises that I learned on a daily basis, and they've become second nature. Each day I'm literally creating the life I want to live. " 

DH, Los Angeles, CA

You are an exceptional coach that has a great way of helping others connect with their true self.  Thank you for helping me uncover what was holding me back from reaching my goals and keeping me in "struggle" mode!  I will recommend you to everyone that really wants to reach their goals and dreams! You’re amazing! 

SW, San Jose, CA

"You have helped me find my joy again and helped me to believe in my own personal power. I have not been able to experience life like this in many years! Nothing has come close to helping me gain clarity as what you have shown me."

TE, Lancaster, TX

"I’ve tried everything, but I’ve had few life-changing experiences like working with you. I’ve become much more alive. I see things so much more clearly, and I live life with less effort.  Thank you"

AH, Los Angeles, CA

"I find that I am able to accept things as they happened and allow events to unfold without feeling that I have to affect the outcome of every situation. For the first time in my life I can step back, relax, and let go…and be okay with whatever life brings."

JR, Stockton, CA

"After working with you for a few sessions it gave me the life understanding I needed to make a change that had been long overdue.”

SB, Santa Monica, CA

"Your  program and understanding is excellent... your nurturing knowledge has definitely given me the best results in the least time spent...I am glad, and grateful, to have met you."

BA , San Diego, CA